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Radar® EV Path® Shohei Ohtani Collection

Designed in collaboration with the starting pitcher and designated hitter, this signature collection honors Shohei Ohtani’s heritage with discoverable traditional Japanese patterns printed on the frames. With a signature microbag and “Ohtani” printed on the inside of the frame and etched on the lens, these sunglasses celebrate one of the best on the field.

Our original Radar® eyewear combined everything we learned from decades of research with the world’s best athletes, and with the taller lens of Radar EV and its extended range of view in the upper peripheral region, the heritage of performance has a new milestone.

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Doubleowl Hammock

Our hammocks are so comfortable you will feel like you are being cradled in the arms of Mother Nature herself. According to a study at the University of Geneva, hammocks are proven to help you fall asleep faster as well as improve your sleep. This ensures you are ready for your outdoor adventure when you wake. Sleeping in a hammock can also help with back problems because of the angle in which you sleep. How cool is that?

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Garrett Pro Pointer AT

The Pro-Pointer AT provides all terrain versatility for locating and pinpointing metallic targets. It is environmentally protected from the elements and is fully submersible to a maximum depth of 10 feet or 3 meters.
Pro-Pointer AT Unique Features:
Fully waterproof to 10 feet with orange color for added visibility underwater.
Maximum Sensitivity for improved detection of nuggets and other small targets. Choose from three Sensitivity levels.
Fast Retune: Quick button press instantly tunes out environment or narrows detection field for precise pinpointing of larger targets.
Editors note: for about $20 more I would recommend buying this over the Garrett Pro Pointer II since this one is water proof and allows you go pinpoint under water along lakes, creeks, rivers and beaches.
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Ultra Eagle Metal Detecting Shovel

This is a great tool for metal detecting, gardening and landscaping. It is lightweight and easy to carry.
This tool has three beveled sides for better ground penetration. The blade and handle are aircraft quality steel. Tool is heat treated and tempered. Due to the Costs of shipping that keep going up, We will be Shipping on by US Mail . Shipping and Handling 14.00
37 ½” (952.5mm) overall length.
The shaft is 1″ diameter x 28″ long.
The blade measures 4 ½” x 7 7/8″ long.
Weight: Approx 2 lbs 6 oz
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Editor’s note: Yes you can use just about any shovel when metal detecting in moist sandy soil. But digging in rocky soil or in the middle of a dry spell just any shovel won’t cut it. Oh, yeah in the woods full of roots you will need a stainless steel shovel with a cutting edge.

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

This all-terrain detector offers new and exclusive Garrett technology that makes it ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelry, and even gold nuggets. Select from either Standard or Professional search modes with enhanced audio features.
Highly Recommended – Coin Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting, Cache Hunting, Prospecting, Ghost Town Hunting, Competition Events, Beach/Fresh Water Hunting.
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Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

The ACE 250 is equipped with an electronic Pinpoint push button that makes pinpointing more accurate. Using this Pinpoint Mode is simple to do. After detecting a target, place the search coil on the ground to the side of the target’s suspected location. Now, press and hold the Pinpoint push button while maintaining contact with the ground and slowly move your search coil from left to right and then front to back over the suspected target’s location. The maximum sound will be heard when the target is directly beneath the center of the search coil as shown.
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Editors Note:
I have been enjoying the metal detecting hobby for many years. The thrill of the hunt and good exercise keeps me hunting. Garret is the leader in mid price range metal detectors. The ACE 250 is in my opinion the best value for the individual new to this hobby.
My adult son uses the ACE 250 and I use the Garrett AT Pro which is a mid price range metal detector. The AT Pro has more features and is cost considerably more than the ACE. The bottom line is that when my son and I hunt together he often finds more valuable stuff than I do. The ACE is a very good entry level metal detector and will find the good stuff if you are willing to dig most signals. Most experienced metal detectorist do dig all signals. My advice is to start out with the ACE 250 and keep it later when you upgrade. It is fun to have a good spare detector that you can let a friend use when they join you in a hunt.

Travelchair Joey Chair

The Joey is light, comfortable, packs down to nothing and still supports 300lbs. If you want full on comfort and not all the fuss, this is the chair for you. With a packed size about the same as a California burrito and a weight of less than 2 lbs, this chair can easily fit into your tote or backpack and still has the highest seat height in its class. Set up takes care of itself. With 30 years of know how and experience, we’ve created a chair weighing virtually nothing and at a far more fair price.

• Who would use this: sea kayakers, hipsters from Tacoma, dual sport motorcyclist, RV campers, urban adventurers, river guides, bush pilots,

• Where they would use this: camping, river trips, airshows, motorcycle camping in the North Cascades, car shows

• Why they would use this: easy to use, comfortable, compact, light, comfortable, easy set up

AKA: tent chair, lightweight chair, compact chair, shock cord chair, tent pole chair, beach chair
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Audio Portable Buddy Professional PA System

Take your pa system with you. The Audio Portable Buddy battery powered sound system goes anywhere you go and runs for up to 200 hours on 10 D-Cell Batteries. Don’t be held back by wires and cords with long range wireless microphones, or by heavy sound systems with our lightweight hand held design. Durable case stands up to rugged use so your investment in sound quality lasts for years.
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Leupold BX-2 Acadia Binoculars

Finding a roof prism binocular that offered the Leupold-quality optical performance you demand, and the affordability you want has been a challenge… until Leupold® introduced the BX-2 Acadia™ Series. The BX-2 Acadia has a slim, in-line roof prism design with contemporary styling that makes them compact, lightweight, and ergonomic. The optics feature phase coated prisms and a multi-coat lens system for exceptional brightness, contrast, and clarity.
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Garmin Forerunner 220 – Black/Red Bundle

  • GPS running watch with high-resolution color display
  • Tracks distance, pace and heart rate¹
  • Identifies personal records
  • Connected features²: automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking, social media sharing
  • Compatible with free training plans from Garmin Connect

Editor’s Notes: This is a good watch for the price (about $299 on Amazon). Some negative comments reported on Amazon are that Garmin Connect does not work with OS 10.6 or earlier. Many didn’t like the manual and says that the manual needed a manual.

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