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Occre Pacific 231 Locomotive – Model Train Kit

The Pacific 231 was built by the Société Alsacienne de Constructions Mécaniques, in Mulhouse, France.

The success of these fast and powerful locomotives meant that they were ideal for pulling large, fast express passenger trains, both in Spain and France. In fact, Pacific 231 trains continued in active service in France right up until the sixties.

This locomotive, which was also known as La Princesa, represents one of the most glorious pages in the history of French railway transport. Pacific type locomotives, during their many years of service, pulled some of France’s most emblematic trains, such as the famous Fléche d’Or.

You will find out, step by step, how to put together a model featuring all the details of the original carriage. We invite you to let yourself get carried away and set up spaces for creative leisure in which you can enjoy this marvellous railway model.

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DJI Mavic 2 Pro – Drone Quadcopter UAV with Hasselblad Camera

Made in Sweden, Hasselblad cameras are renowned for their iconic ergonomic design, uncompromising image quality, and Swedish craftsmanship. Since 1941, Hasselblad cameras have captured some of the world’s most iconic images – including the first moon landing.

Co-engineered in partnership with Hasselblad after two years of tireless research, the Mavic 2 Pro comes equipped with the all-new Hasselblad L1D-20c camera. The L1D-20c possesses Hasselblad’s unique Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) technology, 5 helping users to capture gorgeous 20-megapixel aerial shots in stunning color detail.

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Minelab Vanquish 540 metal detector

VANQUISH 540: for the serious detectorist who demands ultimate performance. As if Multi-IQ technology, audio control, and pinpoint wasn’t enough the 540 also boasts iron-bias control, red LED backlight and rechargeable batteries. What’s more, it comes with a waterproof 12” coil as standard for greater depth. No matter where the hunt takes you, the 540 is the ultimate detector that lets you detect on your terms.

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The Art of Pregnancy Photography

Never before has the demand for images of women who are pregnant been greater. Magazines are filled with photos of celebrities proudly showing off their pregnant figures, and women everywhere want to document their beauty during pregnancy. Now, photographers everywhere are recognizing the creative and financial potential that photographing this client subset provides.

George outlines the differences between regular and pregnancy portraiture, exploring maternity photography from a conceptual and artistic point of view. She shows you how to select a meaningful location, choose backgrounds, props, and fabrics to enhance the images, and select and orchestrate poses that flatter the woman’s figure. You’ll get timeless tips for finding and modifying natural light, designing lighting setups, and finessing your images in postproduction. You’ll also get tips for developing a marketing strategy, designing marketing pieces, gaining recognition in your community, and more. The book concludes with interviews with pros acclaimed for their standout pregnancy portraits.

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Oasis of Stone: Visions of Baja California Sur

Gorgeous full-color photography by award-winning photographer Miguel Ángel de la Cueva, and evocative text by Bruce Berger (Almost an Island, There Was a River), bring the southern half of Baja California to life. Beginning with its unique geology, and moving on to the coastal, desert, and mountain ecosystems of Mexico’s little-known peninsula, this lushly decorated coffee-table book highlights the geology that created this “oasis of stone” and the flora and fauna that are make their homes here.
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Encyclopedia of Urban Legends

From roasted babies to vanishing hitchhikers to housewives in football helmets, this exhaustive and highly readable encyclopedia provides descriptions of hundreds of individual legends and their variations, examines legend themes, and explains scholarly approaches to the genre. Revised and expanded to include updated versions of the entries from the award-winning first edition, this work provides additional entries on a wide range of new topics that include terrorism, recent political events, and Hurricane Katrina.
Entries in Encyclopedia of Urban Legends, Updated and Expanded Edition discuss the presence of urban legends in comic books, literature, film, music, and many other areas of popular culture, as well as the existence of “too good to be true” stories in Argentina, China, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and several other countries. Serving as both an anthology of stories as well as a reference work, this encyclopedia will serve as a valuable resource for students and a source book for journalists, professional folklorists, and others who are researching or interested in urban legends.
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Ultra Eagle Metal Detecting Shovel

This is a great tool for metal detecting, gardening and landscaping. It is lightweight and easy to carry.
This tool has three beveled sides for better ground penetration. The blade and handle are aircraft quality steel. Tool is heat treated and tempered. Due to the Costs of shipping that keep going up, We will be Shipping on by US Mail . Shipping and Handling 14.00
37 ½” (952.5mm) overall length.
The shaft is 1″ diameter x 28″ long.
The blade measures 4 ½” x 7 7/8″ long.
Weight: Approx 2 lbs 6 oz
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Editor’s note: Yes you can use just about any shovel when metal detecting in moist sandy soil. But digging in rocky soil or in the middle of a dry spell just any shovel won’t cut it. Oh, yeah in the woods full of roots you will need a stainless steel shovel with a cutting edge.

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

This all-terrain detector offers new and exclusive Garrett technology that makes it ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelry, and even gold nuggets. Select from either Standard or Professional search modes with enhanced audio features.
Highly Recommended – Coin Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting, Cache Hunting, Prospecting, Ghost Town Hunting, Competition Events, Beach/Fresh Water Hunting.
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Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

The ACE 250 is equipped with an electronic Pinpoint push button that makes pinpointing more accurate. Using this Pinpoint Mode is simple to do. After detecting a target, place the search coil on the ground to the side of the target’s suspected location. Now, press and hold the Pinpoint push button while maintaining contact with the ground and slowly move your search coil from left to right and then front to back over the suspected target’s location. The maximum sound will be heard when the target is directly beneath the center of the search coil as shown.
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Editors Note:
I have been enjoying the metal detecting hobby for many years. The thrill of the hunt and good exercise keeps me hunting. Garret is the leader in mid price range metal detectors. The ACE 250 is in my opinion the best value for the individual new to this hobby.
My adult son uses the ACE 250 and I use the Garrett AT Pro which is a mid price range metal detector. The AT Pro has more features and is cost considerably more than the ACE. The bottom line is that when my son and I hunt together he often finds more valuable stuff than I do. The ACE is a very good entry level metal detector and will find the good stuff if you are willing to dig most signals. Most experienced metal detectorist do dig all signals. My advice is to start out with the ACE 250 and keep it later when you upgrade. It is fun to have a good spare detector that you can let a friend use when they join you in a hunt.

TOPO! National Geographic USGS Topographic Maps (Georgia, Alabama, and Florida)

TOPO! harnesses the power of authentic USGS topographic maps in an intuitive software product that recreation enthusiasts and professionals use to customize and print photo-quality topographic maps. TOPO! includes five levels of seamless mapping, including USA maps from the National Geographic World Atlas, USGS 1:100,000 scale mapping – perfect for back road navigation – and USGS 1:24,000 scale maps, also known as 7.5 minute quads. Users can custom-center the map in any location, add their routes, trails and notes. In addition, users can transfer waypoints and routes between TOPO! and their GPS units. TOPO! includes added content and features not on USGS maps: updated streets and roads, shaded relief, 3D views and fly-throughs and elevation profiles. Users can download map and software updates, and can print waterproof maps on their inkjet printers with Adventure Paper. The USA Placefinder locates more than a million places and natural features.
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