The Corvid-19 epidemic has created an unprecedented demand for on-line consumer products e-tailing web sites. This demand also fuels an increase in their sourcing for new consumer products. We have a database of 27,073 on-line etailers. We email out a monthly broadcast of all new products we featured that month. This is an excellent opportunity to expand the exposure of your new products to etailers seeking new and products for their buyers.

Nexus3comm is a book and product review network of 2,321 newspaper print and web editions.  We were established in the early days of the Internet (2002) as Nexus Reviews to provide these print publications with book and product reviews. Several years ago we change our name from Nexus Reviews to Nexus3Comm to reflect our growing network including our re-broadcasting of our reviews  to the popular social media outlets.

Our initial primary focus was on weekly newspapers that did not have have the manpower to do their own book and product reviews. We soon expanded our network to alternative and college newspapers and Internet blogs as well as other popular social media platforms. This has become even more important today with frequent staff reductions in the newspaper industry.

Our network members have a license to copy and publish any of our content in their publication in print or electronic form and to use their own byline.



Each of our review entries are automatically posted to our social media accounts giving your book or product even more exposure in the social media space which helps your web page ranking in Google. Nexus3comm social media accounts include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Flickr, and Tumblr. We use the software Blog2social by Adenion to re-broadcast our reviews to our social media platforms.

We also allow all of our web site visitors to easily include any info onto their social media accounts with a single click. Each review items has the single button icon for the most popular social media platforms. The results are that a single book or product mention on our web site has a multiplier effect in terms of the backlinks for your product which helps in your Google ranking since backlinks are major factor in Googles ranking algorithm.


Nexus3comm, 5805 State Bridge Road, G166, Johns Creek, Georgia 30097.

All questions about a review request that we sent you please respond to: reviewrequestresponse@gmail.com

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Linda Skinner
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